Stainless Steel Security Mesh

June 15, 2021
Latest company news about Stainless Steel Security Mesh

Anping longkuo metal wire mesh products Co., Ltd is a biggeer stainless steel security mesh manufacture in the world. Stainless steel security mesh is one kind of high quality stealth window screen. It is powder coating mesh after weaving stainless steel wire mesh.There are many kinds of colors for the powder, so it looks very beautiful, Also it is durable. Its application is in the high grade apartment and good business office.


Material: 304,304L,316,316L,201,430, high carbon steel.

Colors: black,white,gray,yellow,blue,red.

Weaving type: plain weave,crimped weave,herring-bone weave.


The characteristics of security mesh:

1. Safety protection: This product is woven by stainless steel wire. With thick diameter and close mesh, it can reject all disturbing factors and prevent rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals. Have stronger resistance to impact force , such as clubs, hammer, kicking, etc. Shear-resisting capacity(knife and shear can not broken), fire-resist, prevent thief and robber burglary and protect the master.

2. Rust and oxidation resistance(long life): with super stainless steel mesh, can protect the window from rust and oxidation.

3. Preventing failing objects: This product will not make the old people and children in danger because of the opening door and windows.

4. Easy to open and convenient for escape: instead of the traditional fixed fence, people can escape quickly from the crisis such as fire.

5. Power and energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection: without air block, reducing are-condition using, no pollution, keep the are in fresh.

6. Easy to care: dust and oil can be cleaned easily, with vacuum cleaners, water absorbing sponge or ordinary brush.

7. Ultraviolet ray resisting: This product can keep 30% of the ultraviolet ray out, this can help you avoid ultraviolet radiation damage to the shin when you are enjoying the sunshine.

8. Humanization design: exclusive domestic windows and doors protecting design, can help reduce injure to elderly and children from the sharp windows corner.

9. Invisible and well-illuminated: No blocking and repression feeling, no secret and depressive feeling, keep people communicate easily in bright and natural condition.

10. Usage widely: This product can be widely used in office area and high grade residential, villas, airport, resorts, hospital, banks, schools, old people’s home and other places.


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