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Nickel Plate Antioxidant Expanded Metal Mesh Diamond Hole Expanded Mesh Screen

Place of Origin CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity 10m2
Price $0.8 - $55 / m2
Packaging Details 1. Pallet waterproof paper, waterproof cloth 2. Wooden case, waterproof paper 3. With shrink film and woven bags of the volume 4. Bulk, etc.
Delivery Time About 7 work days depends on the quantity
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 1000000000 m2 / year

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Product Details
Product Name Expanded Metal Mesh Material Low Carbon Steel Plate, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminum Plate, Copper Plate, Nickel Plate, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Plate And Other Metal Plates.
Width 0.2 - 2m, Customers' Requirement Length 0.5 - 12m, Customers' Requirement
SWM 2.5 - 100mm Mode Of Production It Is Made Of Steel Plate By Stamping And Stretching
LWM 4.5 - 200mm Usage Fence, Foot Net, Working Platform, Walkways, Mechanical Equipment Protection Net, Handicraft Manufacturing, High-grade Speaker Net Cover, Stadium Enclosure Net, Road Green Belt Protection Net, Escalator, Door And Window Anti-theft, Corridor Stair Baffle, T
Thickness 0.5 - 8mm Other Names Diamond Mesh, Iron Mesh, Metal, Expansion Mesh, Heavy Steel Mesh, Foot Mesh, Punching Plate, Aluminum Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh, Granary Mesh, Antenna Mesh, Filter Mesh, Sound Mesh, Etc.
Color Customizable Advantage Rich Experience,High Quality With Good Prices,good Worker
Sample Free Surface Treatment PVC Dip (spray, Coating), Hot Dip Galvanizing, Electro Galvanizing, Anodizing (aluminum Plate), Spray Antirust Paint, Etc
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Antioxidant Expanded Metal Mesh


Expanded Metal Mesh Diamond Hole


Diamond Hole expanded mesh screen

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Product Description

Nickel Plate Hole Shape Diamond Good Antioxidant Activity Expanded Metal Mesh



Main product


1. Galvanized sheet mesh

Galvanizing is a kind of surface treatment technology, which is divided into cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. The most commonly used technology is hot galvanizing. With the rapid development of cold rolled strip in recent 30 years, the hot galvanizing industry has been greatly improved and widely used in surface treatment of metal products.

The production process of hot-dip galvanized sheet mainly includes: raw sheet preparation - galvanizing pretreatment - hot dip molding - post plating treatment - finished product inspection, etc.


2. Stainless steel plate mesh

Stainless steel mesh is a steel mesh product made of stainless steel plate. It has uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, high friction coefficient and high strength. It is also suitable for cutting and manufacturing

Material: 302 304 304L 316 316L stainless steel plate.

Hole shape: diamond, hexagon, round

Aperture: long pitch: 6-200 mm, short pitch: 3-80 mm

Plate thickness (mm): 0.5-8.0 mm

Mesh size: length (600-4000mm) × Width (600-2000mm)

Advantages: uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface, high friction coefficient and high strength. It is also suitable for cutting and manufacturing workpieces. Durable, beautiful appearance, saving material space, environmental protection and energy saving materials.


3. Steel mesh for slope protection

Steel mesh for slope protection is a new type of "steel mesh" instead of steel mesh reinforcement in foundation pit slope shotcrete protection construction engineering. Compared with ordinary steel mesh, steel mesh for slope protection has the advantages of high tensile strength, solid overall structure, light weight, convenient construction and low price.

The steel mesh used for slope protection adopts 100 knife light steel mesh. The surface of the steel mesh is composed of uniform rhombic mesh. The metal wire stems of the rhombic mesh are overlapped and connected up and down. The surface of the steel mesh is fish scale shaped and flat. The steel mesh is sprayed with Red Antirust paint and placed in cylinder state.


4. Aluminum mesh

Material: aluminum plate

Knitting type: stamping

Features: aluminum mesh has the characteristics of no rust and beautiful color

Application: widely used in filtration, handicraft manufacturing, decoration, architectural decoration, daily necessities and other aspects.

Anodizing is a common surface treatment method for aluminum steel mesh. The thin layer of alumina can be formed on the surface of aluminum steel plate mesh by anodizing, with thickness of 5-20 μ m and hard anodizing film of 60-200 μ M.

After oxidation, the physical and chemical properties of the aluminum plate steel mesh are greatly changed. The corrosion resistance and service life of the aluminum plate mesh are increased. The color does not change for a long time. Especially, the aluminum steel plate network has the insulation and the anti-collision voltage is up to 2000V.


5. Guardrail net

The products are used in highway fence, stadium fence, road green belt protection net, agricultural department test site protection and small ore screening.

It is durable, beautiful, easy to maintain, good visibility and bright color.

The specifications of steel mesh for guardrail are as follows:

Material: low carbon steel plate,

Plate thickness: 1.5mm-3mm,

Long pitch: 25 mm-100 mm,

Short pitch: 19mm-58mm

Net width: 0.5m-2m

Net length 0.5m-30m

It can be divided into galvanizing and plastic coating.


6. Ship plate net

Ship steel mesh is mainly used in large ships, laying on the ship's platform to play a role of anti-skid.

It is mainly made of high-quality hot-rolled steel plate by punching, shearing and stretching with heavy steel mesh machine.

The features of the product are: strong and durable, good anti-skid effect, low price and so on. It can provide users with professional cutting, galvanizing, oiling and other processes.

Plate thickness: 3mm-8mm

Aperture: 30 * 60mm-50 * 100mm

Width: 0.2m-2m

Material: hot rolled plate


7. Plastering net

Plastering net is made of metal steel plate through professional mechanical processing. Its net surface is smooth, mesh connection is firm, ventilation is good, and the price is cheap. Adding it to the wall can play the role of anti crack and anti shock. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, factories, apartments and other buildings.

Material: steel plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate

Surface treatment: galvanizing, painting and plastic spraying

Features: strong mesh, shockproof and crack proof


8. Speaker network

Speaker network can be used for speaker protection, the product has good sound transmission, exquisite, durable.

Material: blackboard, galvanized sheet

Aperture: 2 * 32 * 43 * 6

Plate thickness: 0.3-0.5mm


9. Barbecue net

The steel mesh can be used to support food during barbecue. It has uniform mesh, good heat conduction, non-toxic and harmless, and can be used for many times. It is widely used in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and other countries.

Materials: steel mesh, stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized wire

Features: high temperature resistance, no deformation, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to use

Usage: used for baking pasta, meat and vegetables


10. Scaffold net

Scaffolding is a variety of supports set up for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation in the construction site. The steel mesh is mainly used for the platform of scaffold to facilitate the movement of construction personnel and placing objects.

Material: hot rolled plate

Plate thickness: 2mm-5mm

Surface treatment: hot dip galvanizing

Features: durable, anti slip


11. Ceiling net

The special steel plate net for ceiling is a kind of metal plate net. The metal plates made of various materials are cut by professional machinery, so that the length of the original steel plate is expanded to several times to dozens of times. In addition, the strength and hardness of the steel plate are increased, and the weight of the steel plate is reduced. The air can flow through the mesh, and no waste is produced, thus reducing the cost.

The main materials are: iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, titanium plate, color steel plate, copper plate and other metal plates with tensile capacity.

The product is mainly used for the ceiling of hotels, conference halls, hotels and other high-end places, with the characteristics of beautiful, durable and good ventilation effect.


12. Antirust paint mesh

Generally refers to the steel mesh surface dip coating a layer of antirust paint (generally red), in order to enhance the corrosion resistance of steel mesh.


Antirust methods


1, Some rare elements are added to the common steel to change the internal structure of the metal.

2, The metal surface is covered with a protective layer to isolate the surrounding corrosive medium, so as to prevent corrosion. For example: the steel mesh surface is coated with oil, Vaseline, paint or covered with enamel, PVC and other corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials; A layer of zinc, chromium and nickel is plated on the surface of steel plate by means of electroplating, hot plating and spray plating; A fine and stable oxide film is formed on the surface of steel by chemical method. Such as forming a layer of fine black ferric oxide film on the surface of machine parts, guns and other steel parts.

3, Often wipe metal equipment or put desiccant in precision instruments and add a small amount of corrosion inhibitor in corrosive medium to slow down the corrosion rate.


Specification introduction


Specifications name






The length of the short diamond diagonal from the center of the node to the center of the node.




The length of the long diamond diagonal from the center of the node to the center of the node.


SWD (inner hole)

The length of the diagonal of a short diamond hole.


LWD (inner hole)

The length of the diagonal of a long diamond hole.



The width of the edge of the diamond hole of the steel mesh (as shown in the figure) is the length of the metal plate used to make a wire rod.



The joint of two stems.



The thickness of the original steel plate.


Mesh Volume

A rolled steel mesh showing the specific length and width.


Mesh Plate

Indicate the specific length and width of the steel mesh





Tickness(mm) SWD(mm) LWD(mm) Wire stems width(mm) Width(m) Length(m) Weight(kg/m2)
0.5 2.5 4.5 0.5 0.5 1 1.8
0.5 10 25 0.5 0.6 2 0.73
0.6 10 25 1 0.6 2 1
0.8 10 25 1 0.6 2 1.25
1 10 25 1.1 0.6 2 1.77
1 15 40 1.5 2 4 1.85
1.2 10 25 1.1 2 4 2.21
1.2 15 40 1.5 2 4 2.3
1.5 15 40 1.5 1.8 4 2.77
1.5 23 60 2.6 2 3.6 2.77
2 18 50 2.1 2 4 3.69
2 22 60 2.6 2 4 3.69
3 40 80 3.8 2 4 5.00
4 50 100 4 2 2 11.15
4 60 120 4 2 7.5 4.0
4 80 180 4 2 10 3.0
4 100 200 4 2 12 2.5
4.5 50 100 5 2 2.7 11.15
5 50 100 5 1.4 2.6 12.39
5 75 150 5 2 10 3.0
6 50 100 6 2 2.5 17.35
8 50 100 8 2 2.1 28.26


Company Introduction


Anping longkuo wire mesh products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, Hebei Province, which is the world's largest wire mesh production base and has the reputation of "hometown of wire mesh" in China. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel wire, stainless steel mesh and other series products, with professional and technical personnel and senior engineers, advanced production technology and strong R & D force.




Our company can produce and process and order according to customer requirements, and have a large number of stock in stock in regular specifications all year round.


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