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SUS201 Thin Stainless Steel Wire 0.09mm 1.5mm Thin Steel Cable Bright Finish

Place of Origin CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Coil / Spool or Negotiable
Price $2 ~ 4 / kg
Packaging Details Wooden box or plastic spool or steel spool or coil
Delivery Time About 7 work days depends on the supply
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5000tons/year

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Product Details
Product Name Thin Stainless Steel Wire Material Stainless Steel 201,304,304L,316,316L And So On.
Diameter Range 0.09mm - 1.5mm Surface Bright Finish, Galvanized, Spray Plastic
Type In Coil Or In Spool Packing Wooden Box Or Plastic Spool Or Steel Spool Or Coil
Alloy Or Not Is Alloy Color Primary Color/ Customized
Quality High Sample Small Sample Free
Standard AISI Application Construction, Spring, Screw, Weaving, Manufacturing
Si Content (%) Standard Level C Content (%) Standard Level
Length No Limited We Are Factory Low MOQ, Lowest Price And The Best Service
High Light

SUS201 Thin Stainless Steel Wire


Thin Stainless Steel Wire 0.09mm


thin steel cable Bright Finish

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Product Description

Material Stainless Steel 201 Diameter Range 0.09mm - 1.5mm Bright Finish Thin Stainless Steel Wire



Product Information


Stainless steel wire, also known as stainless steel wire, is made of stainless steel as raw material for various kinds of silk products of different specifications and models. The cross section is generally round or flat. The common stainless steel wires with good corrosion resistance and high cost performance are 201, 304 and 316 stainless steel wires.




Name Code




Specification Material

Stainless steel soft wire / Hydrogen wire

S, soft

Bright surface, soft, no magnetism, fatigue resistance, large extension force and other characteristics


0.09 — 0.45mm

201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310S, 321, etc.


Stainless steel light cable


LD, lightly drawn

After heat treatment, the steel wire shall be pulled with small reduction surface. The surface is bright, soft, fatigue resistant, and has certain elongation.


0.5 — 1.5mm

201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.


Stainless steel cold cable


WCD, cold drawn

The surface is smooth, toughness is good and wear resistant


0.03 — 6.0mm

201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.


Stainless steel spring wire



High hardness, strong elasticity, good wear resistance and compression resistance


0.15 — 5.0mm

302, 304H, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310S, 321, etc.



Material composition table




Chemical composition (%)
  C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Cu Ti
201 ≤0.15 ≤0.75 5.5~7.5 ≤0.06 ≤0.03 3.5~5.5 16~18 - - -
304 <0.08 <1.0 <2.0 <0.035 <0.03 8~10 17~19 - - -
304L <0.03 <1.0 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 9~13 18~20 - - -
304HC <0.06 <1.0 1.2-1.8 <0.035 <0.03 8~11 17~19 - 2.0-3.0 -
316 <0.08 <1.0 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 10~14 16~18 2.0~3.0 - -
316L <0.03 <1.0 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 12~15 16~18 2.0~3.0 - -
310S <0.08 <1.5 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 19~22 24~26 - - -
321 <0.08 <1.0 <2.0 <0.045 <0.03 9~13 17~19 - - >0.035
301 <0.15 <1.0 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 >7 16~18 - - -
302 <0.15 <1.0 <2.0 <0.04 <0.03 >8 17~19 - - -


Product specification parameter table


Wire diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm)

Maximum diameter


0.020-0.049 +0.002 -0.001 0.001
0.050-0.074 ±0.002 0.002
0.075-0.089 ±0.002 0.002
0.090-0.109 +0.003 -0.002 0.002
0.110-0.169 ±0.003 0.003
0.170-0.184 ±0.004 0.004
0.185-0.199 ±0.004 0.004
0.-0.299 ±0.005 0.005
0.300-0.310 ±0.006 0.006
0.320-0.499 ±0.006 0.006
0.500-0.599 ±0.006 0.006
0.600-0.799 ±0.008 0.008
0.800-0.999 ±0.008 0.008
1.00-1.20 ±0.009 0.009
1.20-1.40 ±0.009 0.009
1.40-1.60 ±0.010 0.010
1.60-1.80 ±0.010 0.010
1.80-2.00 ±0.010 0.010
2.00-2.50 ±0.012 0.012
2.50-3.00 ±0.015 0.015
3.00-4.00 ±0.020 0.020
4.00-5.00 ±0.020 0.020




Stainless steel wire drawing is a metal plastic processing process in which the wire rod or wire blank is pulled out from the die hole of drawing die under the action of drawing force to produce small section steel wire or non-ferrous wire. Wire with different cross section shape and size of various metals and alloys can be produced by drawing. The drawn wire has the advantages of accurate size, smooth surface, simple drawing equipment and die, and easy manufacturing.




Shaft wire or coil wire, wrapped with plastic cloth, bulk, pallet or wooden box according to customer requirements.




1. It has strong heat resistance.

316 stainless steel no matter it is used intermittently at 1600 ℃ or continuously at 1700 ℃, there will not be any change, let alone melting, which has obvious advantages compared with copper and aluminum. Because of such advantages, it is widely used in the metallurgical industry and has made great contribution to the industry.

2. It has corrosion resistance.

Because his raw material is stainless steel, and stainless steel contains carbon, manganese, nickel and other elements, after the reaction in the air, it will form a protective film, which can reduce the impact of the outside world on stainless steel. Stainless steel is not easy to react with acid and alkali, and has good corrosion resistance, so it will be found that stainless steel wire plays a very extensive role in the paper industry and deep-sea operators.

3. It has strong plasticity.

This property can make it into various shapes under the condition of external force. This is a rare decorative material for designers, because of its low hardness, it can be changed into various shapes according to the demand, so as to achieve the purpose of decoration, with a strong decorative effect. It is precisely because it has obvious advantages compared with iron, aluminum, copper, etc., so now people use it much more.




Stainless steel wire can be made into many different types of stainless steel wire. Now, the stainless steel wire can be made into different types of stainless steel wire.

1. It's used to make spring wires.

The commonly used steel wire models are 201, 304 and 316. This kind of spring steel wire is often used to make spring or steel wire parts. According to different types of steel wire, many kinds of springs can be made, which can withstand strong impact, have strong protective effect, and have a very long service life. Another is that the commonly used stainless steel wire models are 430, 410, 304m, 304HC, 302HQ and 316. This kind of steel wire has high hardness, high strength, very wear resistance and long service life.

2. It's used in buildings.

It is mainly used to fill metal or as wire welding material for conducting electricity. In daily life, it is also very common, such as the metal appliances at home will go to the car repair shop or other places to let the master connect the broken places with welding wire, which is convenient for our life.

3. Steel wire for rope making.

The main models are 201, 304 and 306. This kind of stainless steel wire is also called soft steel wire. Its hardness and strength are low. It can be deformed with a little strength. It is often used to make cleaning balls, binding lines and so on. We go to the hardware store to buy things. What the owner bandages for us is the binding line made of stainless steel wire.

After continuous research and development, the future use of stainless steel wire is definitely more than these, and its scope of action will certainly continue to expand in the future.


Company Introduction


Anping longkuo wire mesh products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, Hebei Province, which is the world's largest wire mesh production base and has the reputation of "hometown of wire mesh" in China. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel wire, stainless steel mesh and other series products, with professional and technical personnel and senior engineers, advanced production technology and strong R & D force.




Our company can produce and process and order according to customer requirements, and have a large number of stock in stock in regular specifications all year round.


SUS201 Thin Stainless Steel Wire 0.09mm 1.5mm Thin Steel Cable Bright Finish 0SUS201 Thin Stainless Steel Wire 0.09mm 1.5mm Thin Steel Cable Bright Finish 1SUS201 Thin Stainless Steel Wire 0.09mm 1.5mm Thin Steel Cable Bright Finish 2